Welcome to the Atelier Amblers

To amble is to walk at a leisurely pace, and in doing so, evoke a sense of appreciation and awe in what comes your way. Through our menswear offering, we wish to introduce casual yet elegant tailoring to Vancouver. An authentic, informal Southern Italian style that can be worn everyday and for any occasion from grocery shopping to wedding.

By using lightweight materials and soft construction, we have created easy-to-wear garments with relaxed silhouettes. We base our choice of mills and tailors on quality, aesthetic, value, and transparency in sourcing.

We also endeavour to create a platform for like minded people to talk about style and launch other adventures in menswear. We hope to introduce many more brands from around the world that carry our same values.

We want to share our passion about fine clothing and style with you in a slow paced and personalized environment, as our name suggests. It is our sense of awe in clothing and appreciation for tailoring that we at Atelier Amblers wish to create in our brand as you get to know us and enjoy our clothes over the years.

Simon & Team Amblers